To all of my students, thank you for sharing your light! I am so honored to be here to practice yoga with you. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey, dear ones! ~Hanna

Testimonials from Students

Yoga with Hanna is always a unique and calming experience. She has such a soothing tone in her voice and is very patient. I am new to the yoga world, and she helps me to feel relaxed and teaches me how to do each and every pose properly and without judgement or criticism. I live in Texas and Hanna is in Colorado; we live in different time zones, but yet she is still able to accommodate and make time to work with me. She’s a mom and wife, she juggles it all with grace and patience. She’s someone I admire for her strength and willingness to press on when things get hard. Her flows make you feel refreshed, strong, and more in tune with your body. After completing a session with Hanna, I leave feeling encouraged, energized and inspired.

Valerie R.

I am a person that works a lot. Practicing Yoga with Hanna really helps my stress fade away. Her classes take me away from the normal weekly grind of work. Hanna is professional and empathetic to my own needs for my yoga practice and she makes me feel welcome and included. There is nothing better than accidentally falling asleep during Chavasana, and feeling refreshed for hours after!

– Michael R.