The Benefits of Yoga

The Benefits of yoga  Yoga is a holistic practice that helps to link or bring harmony to the mind and body. Through the use of physical postures, or asana, and breath work or pranayama, we can synergies the mind and body. We can categorize the benefits of yoga into emotional, mind, body, spirit categories.  Emotionally, …

June 27: Maternal PTSD Awareness Day

Hey Mamas! UPDATE: Thank you for joining me in raising awareness for this cause. Here is the link to the yoga practice! Additionally, when you join the FB community, you will receive a free yoga practice sheet from tummee that you can practice at home. This yoga flow is dedicated to Maternal Postpartum PTSD…

Committed Action Yoga

Create a daily practice of focusing your efforts on creating meaning. Notice the effects.

A Meditation on Self-Love

Hello my friends,Β  I wanted to share from my personal journal a meditation that I wrote on self-love and protecting my energy. Please enjoy the recording!Β  HannaΒ