Healing Yoga Series – Mom Guilt

Overcoming Mom Guilt Through Yoga Rituals Hey Mamas, Lately, Mrs. Mom-Guilt has been chasing me down and beating me up lately! I have been extra forgetful lately, (thanks sleep deprivation!) and I am entering a new phase with my one year old where things I used to do when she was a baby are NO…


FAQ about Private Yoga & Holistic Life Coaching What is Holistic Life Coaching? Holistic Life Coaching is a profession which is premised on the idea that wellness can only be established when you are fully integrating all aspects of your life. You will develop a supportive, nurturing relationship with your coach that pours miracle grow…

Hatha for Mamas Yoga – LIVE!

Hey Mamas! Join me on youtube right now for yoga class! Welcome to Hatha for Mamas! by: Hanna Rodriguez, MA, 200 CYT Pronouns (She/Her/Hers) Join me for a grounded, gentle yoga flow! Hatha includes a yoga sequence including longer held poses (approximately 5 breaths), to facilitate a deeper stretch. This yoga sequence includes modifications for…

Join me for Mama restorative!

Hey ladies, tonight our restorative yoga flow includes titration and tonglen practice to help overcome the isolation and the anger inherent in the pandemic times. Below, you can subscribe to receive your printable copy of tonight’s restorative yoga. Namaste, Mamaste Hanna

ABOUT Body Wisdom Yoga for Mamas

Hi Mamas! Welcome to Body Wisdom Yoga for mamas. Below, I have produced a video to outline the upcoming services that I plan to provide. Please feel free to connect with me if you are interested or have questions! 🙂