Family Yoga Series

Short, fun, whole family yoga play and flow! You can practice yoga with your kids of any age.

Yoga Class Calendar

At this time, all classes are free! Donations welcome on Venmo: @hanna-rodriguez10 Disclaimer: By signing up and participating in any Body Wisdom Yoga by Hanna yoga class, you agree to ALL the terms and conditions and release waiver found here: Release and Waiver Having trouble? Link to Class Calendar

5 Min Mama Yoga Series

Hey Mamas! I know life is busy and you’re on the go 24/7! That’s why I am creating a series of 5 minute yoga videos that you can do with your children and I am including prenatal modifications. It does not have to go perfectly or smoothly, all you have to do is show up…

Exploring being a “strong mama”

What does it mean to be a “strong mama”?  I am a new mama; yes, you can say that I am strong, fierce, determined, loving, but at times I am tired, scared, weak, and overwhelmed. I am learning to take care of my tiny human 24/7, and reimagining my whole life now. And, life is…

ABOUT Family Yoga

Hey Fam! Welcome to this video where I outline my future family yoga classes! Please feel free to connect via the contact form if you’re interested or have questions.

ABOUT Body Wisdom Yoga for Mamas

Hi Mamas! Welcome to Body Wisdom Yoga for mamas. Below, I have produced a video to outline the upcoming services that I plan to provide. Please feel free to connect with me if you are interested or have questions! 🙂

Mamas need better postpartum care.

I came across an article on the 2020 Moms website that I wanted to share. After having my baby, I had some health issues and postpartum depression hit me. It was a difficult time, and I felt that I needed more care than I was able to receive. Abstract Obstetrics leaders recommend a ‘fourth trimester’…

Pregnancy Yoga Exercise Guidelines

Hi I’m Hanna! Welcome to Body Wisdom Yoga by Hanna, where we talk about all things Mommy & Yoga. I want to make some clarifications about the classes I teach for pregnancy and post-partum. This post helps you understand the guidelines that I follow for teaching yoga for pregnancy. In a later post, I will…