Join me for Mama restorative!

Hey ladies, tonight our restorative yoga flow includes titration and tonglen practice to help overcome the isolation and the anger inherent in the pandemic times. Below, you can subscribe to receive your printable copy of tonight’s restorative yoga. Namaste, Mamaste Hanna

I’m starting a podcast!

Introducing the SunBloom Yoga podcast; a podcast for holistic wellness, yoga, mindfulness for mamas and families. It’s a way for you to get to know me & see what yoga is all about. Welcome & join me!

June 27: Maternal PTSD Awareness Day

Hey Mamas! UPDATE: Thank you for joining me in raising awareness for this cause. Here is the link to the yoga practice! Additionally, when you join the FB community, you will receive a free yoga practice sheet from tummee that you can practice at home. This yoga flow is dedicated to Maternal Postpartum PTSD…

New Yoga Class!

Introducing Hatha for Mamas 10 am CST/ 9 am MST! Join me for a grounded, gentle yoga flow! Hatha includes a yoga sequence including longer held poses (approximately 5 breaths), to facilitate a deeper stretch. This yoga sequence includes modifications for pregnant and postpartum women. Signup through ribbon:…/Hatha-for-Mamas-with-Hanna/163329 Donations welcome on Venmo link: @bwy_hanna…

Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week

Hey guys! This week, I am trying to raise support for maternal mental health. As many as 1 in 5 new moms experience a postpartum mental health condition, such as anxiety or depression. Improving mental health care for new mothers helps families thrive and helps children grow up healthy. Chances are, you or someone you…