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Welcome to the SunBloom Yoga & Wellness Studio, formally titled SunBloom Yoga, LLC. At SunBloom Yoga, we provide a unique and personalized yoga experience tailored to fit each individual client.

SunBloom Yoga Specializes in providing:

  • Community Yoga for Mamas & Women (virtual class)
  • Private Sessions (virtual)

SunBloom Wellness Studio is an Etsy shop that is an extension of SunBloom Yoga.

SunBloom Wellness offers:

  • Health Planners & Yoga Guides
  • Homemade Candles
  • Hand Crafted Arts and Other Gifts

Hi, I am Hanna Rodriguez. I am a yogi and a Mama. I am here to share about integrating holistic yoga practices, holistic life coaching, and psychology of change to help you improve mind, body, spirit wellness.

Yoga Teacher Bio:

I began my personal practice of yoga in 2012 when I was attending college at McNeese State University, Lake Charles, LA. College was a big challenge, and I found solace on my yoga mat, and eventually became involved in the yoga community at my local yoga studio. I developed a passion for yoga, as I found it to be incredibly healing for my mind, body, and spirit. At the time, I was studying Counseling Psychology because I have a passion for helping people heal from painful experiences. In 2017, I earned my Certification as an ACE Health Coach and graduated with my MA in Counseling Psychology.  In 2018, I began a mentoring relationship with my yoga teacher in which I learned the art of teaching yoga while I also worked towards my PLPC licensure in the mental health field. From 2018-2019, I taught a weekly yoga class for adults, and a weekly yoga class for kids that lasted 6 months. Then, I and my husband Michael moved to Northern Colorado in April of 2019. I attended the 20-hour Trauma Recovery Yoga training in May of 2019, and became certified in the TRY method in October of 2019. I continued to work full time as an LPCC therapist in Northern Colorado, and I am working towards integrating Yoga and Mental Health modalities to help people heal from trauma and other mental health conditions. In 2020, I enrolled in the My Vinyasa Practice online 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, and became a certified yoga teacher in May 2021.

I had a baby in October of 2020, which was one of the most amazing and challenging times of my life. Due to the pandemic, I realized there is a great shortage of care and support for mothers in general and in the yoga space. I developed a passion for helping women through the challenges of pregnancy, post-partum, and all stages of motherhood. Moms face so many challenges, going it alone should not have to be one of those challenges. That’s why I began the community yoga class for mamas in 2021, a Sunday Yoga Class to support and uplift mothers. (As an inclusive class, all women are welcome to join, regardless of your status as a mother, because we are women who support other women. )




Health At Every Size,

Body Positive,

Evidence Based Yoga



Gentle & Safe,

Vinyasa & Hatha

Trauma Informed Yoga


Empowering Women

& Mothers of all stages

You are family to us!

Let’s build community together.

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