Healing Yoga Series – Mom Guilt

Overcoming Mom Guilt Through Yoga Rituals

Hey Mamas, Lately, Mrs. Mom-Guilt has been chasing me down and beating me up lately! I have been extra forgetful lately, (thanks sleep deprivation!) and I am entering a new phase with my one year old where things I used to do when she was a baby are NO LONGER WORKING and I have NO IDEA what I am doing most of the time! I have been feeling like my list of mistakes and failures is an eternally growing long list, and it HURTS to think about it! So, Mrs. Mom-Guilt has been shouting from the top of my head how inadequate, wrong, and stupid I feel… Can you relate?

The Mom-Guilt topic is a heavy one and I can understand if you prefer to skip this blog post. However, if your Mom-Guilt is overactive right now, this one can help you process and release this heavy emotion. This post includes a holistic journaling activity, a guide through ritualizing your yoga practice to prompt physiological release of an emotional experience, and a guided, gentle yoga practice with included meditation to facilitate an emotional release. This practice can help you feel better, release energetic blockages that keep you stuck in that mom-guilt, and help you to feel light, whole, and a renewed sense of energy, focus, and purpose.

How do you feel when Mom Guilt overtakes you?

Open your journal and try this activity. For each of the four aspects of self, identify at least 3 experiences, sensations, or feelings that you notice in yourself.

After completing your yoga practice, self-reflect on how you may feel after your practice. Have you noticed a shift, even if it’s quite subtle? Stay with this practice for a few days to see how your experience might change, shift, or intensify. Set an intention to release your guilt and any attachment to mistakes or failures as a Mom. Remember, your point of power is always in the present moment, because you can always make a different choice right now.

Namaste Yogis. Be Well.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Olivia says:

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. SunBloomYoga says:

    You are so welcome. I hope this is helpful in some way!

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