Toddlers and Mamas Matter

It’s a beautiful day to hear that bills are being promoted at the federal level to help improve the lives of mothers and children. Millions of mothers have left the workforce during the pandemic, mostly due to childcare issues. As some of you may know, I am one of these new mothers who could not stay employed during the pandemic.

Access to high quality and affordable childcare would mean that for me personally, I could work more and make a greater impact in my field. For my daughter, she would have access to teachers and socialization that will help her learn and become involved in a community.

I could worry less about my family’s financial future, and me and my spouse could move past maintaining our current financial position to increasing our wealth, paying off our debt, and move towards our goal of buying our own home.

I am sharing my personal story because I know that millions of young mothers and their families can relate to this experience. Millions of us are having difficulty finding childcare, or being able to pay for expensive childcare while we are not being paid enough to justify the decision to continue working.

Please read this article to learn more about how the Build Back Better initiatives will help mothers and young children. Thank you.

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