Employing Young Mothers. Women are worth it. I said what I said.

Hanna Rodriguez, MA

Dear Employers,

Here’s an unpopular opinion: if you view hiring young mothers and women who are pregnant or in their childbearing years as a liability, THAT IS A SIGN OF TOXIC WORK CULTURE. If you view employees who need to take time off to care for sick children and family members as a liability, YOU ARE A PART OF THE PROBLEM. If you don’t have a system in place to provide coverage when employees need to take sick time or family leave, THAT IS A RESULT OF THE COMPANY’S POOR PLANNING, NOT THE EMPLOYEE’S FAULT.

Hiring a young mama (or dad) is a great investment for your company. You will not find a harder, more dedicated worker than a parent who wants to support their family. However, don’t get it twisted thinking that you can pressure a parent to put their job over their responsibility as a parent. Any mama (or daddy) who is worth their salt will choose their child’s well-being Over a job any day. This is not a liability, this is actually an asset for your company. If you have a healthy culture in your company, you will also put family first and encourage your employees to do so as well. It might seem like in the immediate conditions where you have to find coverage for a mom who has to take care of a sick child, puts you in a position that impacts the business negatively. However, if you think about it long-term, and put the proper systems in place, the more you promote and support family well-being in your corporate culture, the more productive, loyal, happy, and successful your employees will be in the long term. Because well-being is wealth.

On the contrary, if you choose to put maximizing your profits over the well-being of the humans and their families that work for you, you will see lots of turnover, inefficiency, higher rates of illness related absences, higher stress loads, burnout, toxic work culture, conflict, and mental illness and substance abuse in your employees. You cannot expect your employees to NOT take care of themselves and their families. That’s nonsense, my friend.

Let’s change the corporate narrative that hiring women and mothers is a liability. Let’s promote family first policies and women’s health. Let’s promote benefits that create more access to childcare, affordable healthcare coverage to new mothers and their children, and paid maternity and family leave to young parents. Let’s create systems and workflows that normalize providing coverage to each employee when they need to take sick time, a mental health leave, or maternity/family leave. And, actually encourage your employees to take the time they need to be well and care for their families properly. Don’t act like your employees are not human beings with family responsibilities.

Mic Drop. 🎤

#wellnessisnotaluxery #demandchange #maternalmentalhealth #paidmaternityleave #workplacewellness #humanbeingsareemployees #familyfirst #accessiblechildcare #affordablehealthcare

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