FAQ about Holistic Health & Yoga Coaching

Photo by Angela Roma on Pexels.com
What is Holistic Health Coaching?

Holistic Health Coaching is a fitness profession which is premised on the idea that wellness can only be established when you are fully integrating all aspects of your life. You will develop a supportive, nurturing relationship with your health coach that pours miracle grow on your health and wellness! This means that you are seen as a whole person, and relationships between the different areas of yourself are integral to creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle. An Holistic Health Coach will ask you how your mental health, sleep, stress, eating, work, and family life are playing a role in your physical health. Your health coach will help you identify self care skills, rituals, eating habits, and exercise plans that will promote your health. Your health coach will help you identify negative thoughts that interfere with your confidence and motivation to make desired changes in your life. Health coaching helps you make a plan to create healthy and sustainable lifestyle habits that promote optimal well-being and work to prevent disease. A Holistic Health Coach does not attempt to diagnose or treat medical conditions, instead, you will be referred to your healthcare provider for these purposes.

What is the goal of Holistic Health Coaching and how does it differ from other programs?

There are many health programs and diets out there. A holistic health coach helps you create a personalized plan to make the desired changes and maintain motivation and improved confidence in yourself as you journey forward. A Holistic Health Coach does not tell you which diet to follow nor will they prescribe a diet to treat a medical problem. You will need to see a doctor and or dietitian for such purposes. And, a Holistic Health Coach will encourage you to see your doctor regularly as a part of your self care regime.

How is a Holistic Health Coach different than a psychotherapist?

There are some overlapping areas between health coaching and therapy because they are both in the business of promoting individuals’ wellness. However, the main difference is that health coaches will focus on helping you develop self care regime that fosters your best physical, mental, and spiritual health. Whereas a therapist will help you identify mental health diagnoses through assessment, diagnosis, and treatment to help you recover from that diagnosis. It is important to understand that a health coach is not qualified to assess, diagnose, and treat mental illness. If it becomes evident to a Holistic Health Coach that you may be suffering from a mental health condition, you will be referred to your doctor and your psychotherapist to receive the necessary treatment before continuing with health coaching.

Why would you want Holistic health coaching?

If you are feeling stuck, burnt out, or alone in your journey to make your life better, I am here to gently guide you, encourage you, and help you meet your health goals. I can help you clarify your goals and define what health means for you! I can help you find the motivation to stick to the action plan you create for yourself. After 6 health coaching sessions, you will walk away with the skills, motivation, confidence, and a sustainable, solid plan for how you will take care of yourself. I will always be here to continue to support you as long as you need it. In addition, with your permission, your health coach can work with your healthcare providers and psychotherapist in an integrative team approach to advocate for your best care.

What is private yoga coaching?

Yoga coaching is private yoga lessons that help you to reach specific goals in yoga. Whether you want to achieve a certain pose, increase core strength, learn to deepen your intuition, gain clarity of mind in an area of life, or learn how to use yoga to cope with stress, I am here to help you identify your goals, assess your needs, and develop a yoga program to help you progress in your practice.

What is Body Positive Coaching?

Body positive coaching is an approach that encourages unconditional self-acceptance of your body and does not focus on weight loss. Body positive coaching acknowledges the harm caused by diet culture to many individuals’ health, including causing mental distress and frustration with yo-yo dieting, reduced confidence when someone inevitably gains weight after dieting, and the tendency to push individuals towards disordered eating and self-hatred. Instead of focusing on trying to change your body through restrictive diets and punishing exercise, a body positive coach will encourage you to develop a compassionate relationship with your body, find your inner body wisdom with food, and find joy and freedom again in your movement and eating. It’s all about self-kindness and caring for your body with a sense of love and appreciation for your life. Imagine being able to enjoy food without worrying about counting calories or macros. Imagine moving your body in a way that feels good and enjoying your time at the studio, gym, or wherever you go to exercise.

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