New Yoga Class!


Hatha for Mamas

10 am CST/ 9 am MST!

Join me for a grounded, gentle yoga flow! Hatha includes a yoga sequence including longer held poses (approximately 5 breaths), to facilitate a deeper stretch. This yoga sequence includes modifications for pregnant and postpartum women.

Signup through ribbon:…/Hatha-for-Mamas-with-Hanna/163329

Donations welcome on Venmo link: @bwy_hanna

Disclaimer: By signing up and participating in any Body Wisdom Yoga by Hanna yoga class, you agree to ALL the terms and conditions and release waiver found here:

Yoga Guidelines for New Mamas:

The purpose of this class is to cultivate mind-body connection during pregnancy and after birth, when women experience huge changes in their physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. I will provide variations appropriate for pregnancy and postpartum throughout the practice.

Always speak with your healthcare provider before beginning a yoga practice during pregnancy or after birth. Generally, it is recommended to wait 6 weeks after a vaginal delivery and 16 weeks after a C-Section delivery to begin a yoga practice.

In pregnancy, avoid laying on the back or belly, avoid deep backbends and twists, and widen the stance when folding forward to make space for the belly. Use a chair or support when practicing balance poses. Go slow, take it easy, and don’t push yourself too hard!

During the postpartum period (from 6 weeks up to 1 year after birth), go easy on your body. Avoid deep twists and poses that place a lot of pressure on the abdominal wall (such as deep backbends, crunches, boat poses, and poses that place gravitational pull on the belly). Also, it may be uncomfortable to perform wide legged poses due to pelvic instability. These poses can be modified by bringing the legs together.

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